Classroom Atlases & Teachers' Guides

Our award-winning classroom atlases help students to master essential map reading skills and improve geographic literacy. Our classroom atlas line provides students of all grades— from kindergarten through high school—with rich geographic content like physical, political, and thematic maps, eye-catching pictures, and informative graphics.


Our comprehensive teachers' guides are filled with support materials, extension activities, and lesson plans that reinforce map skills and promote critical thinking. Each guide includes cross-curricular content with measurable learning objectives, reproducible outline maps, and  more—all of which are aligned Common Core State Standards as well as National Geography Standards.

Classroom Wall Maps

Our pull-down wall maps have been a long-time staple in schools across the country, and are still a favorite among teachers today.


The Achievement Series™ classroom maps are durable, markable, and up-to-date to reflect the most recent world changes. Each map is designed with rich, bright colors and includes important topographical information like land elevations and ocean depths.  With easy-to-read legends, thematic maps, and other teacher-requested features, we’ve created the Achievement Series to be the gold standard in classroom maps.

WorldAtlas Digital Teaching Tool

Open your classroom to the world with World Atlas—our interactive, web-based, geography-focused teaching platform. World Atlas enables teachers and students to discover the world around them right from their computers through dynamic, customizable maps, social studies content, and  reading and writing lesson plans that are easy to navigate and integrate into the classroom—and are aligned with Common Core State Standards and National Geography Standards. World Atlas is accessible from any desktop or mobile device, making it easy to collaborate, teach, and learn both inside and outside of the classroom.

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