52 state and regional maps now available in digital form


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Chicago, June 24, 2024 – Rand McNally Publishing, the iconic mapmaker for more than 165 years, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Avenza, a leading provider of mobile mapping solutions. This collaboration marks the first time Rand McNally Publishing's trusted state maps will be available in digital form, offering a whole new way for explorers and adventurers to navigate the world.

“We have been aware of Avenza Systems, Inc. and their innovative mapping software for many years,” said Tom Vitacco, Director of GIS at Rand McNally Publishing. “As we decided to expand into digital map offerings, it became clear that the Avenza Maps platform was the perfect fit. Their industry-leading offline mobile mapping capabilities and user-friendly interface make them a natural partner for Rand McNally.”

Through the Avenza platform, users can now access Rand McNally Publishing's state, regional and US maps directly from the Avenza website and mobile app. These digital maps offer the same unmatched detail and accuracy that Rand McNally Publishing is known for, along with a variety of features specifically designed for outdoor use.

"We are thrilled to partner with Rand McNally Publishing to make their trusted maps available digitally for the first time," said Ted Florence, CEO of Avenza. "This integration allows Avenza users to experience the unmatched quality of Rand McNally maps alongside the powerful features of our mobile mapping platform."

Key benefits of Rand McNally Publishing's digital maps on Avenza include:

  • Unmatched detail and accuracy: Rand McNally's state maps are renowned for their comprehensive coverage and meticulous attention to detail.

  • Seamless offline use: Download maps for use without an internet connection, ensuring navigation even in remote areas.

  • Rich map features: Explore a wealth of information including points of interest, federal and state highways, cities and towns, major waterways, state/national parks and forests, major geographic features, time zones, physical relief, an index of cities, a map legend, and a distance chart with mileages between various cities.

Now you can put 168 years of Rand McNally's mapping expertise in your pocket. From the trusted companion of generations of road trippers to a versatile digital resource for today's adventurers, Rand McNally maps remain the go-to source for reliable and dependable navigation.

Where to Get Your Rand McNally Avenza Digital Maps:

Rand McNally Publishing Avenza digital maps are now available for purchase on the Avenza website.


About Rand McNally Publishing – Chicago-based Rand McNally Publishing is the most trusted source for maps, directions, and travel content for more than 165 years. Learn more at randpublishing.com

About Avenza – Avenza is a leading provider of mobile mapping solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and government agencies. The company's award-winning platform allows users to access, manage, and create custom maps for a variety of purposes.


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