How to Pack Light for a Trip

Packing lightly can really pay off when traveling, but it takes some strategy to be able to do it without sacrificing comfort and style. Experienced travelers will tell you whether you’re packing up a small car or trying to fit everything into a carry-on bag, it’s best to only bring the essentials. But embracing this strategy takes a pinch of skill and a dash of sacrifice. So for those who notoriously over-pack, we have compiled some packing tips to make your experience a little bit easier.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Packing takes attention to detail, especially if you’re trying to minimize. So remember to take your time and plan ahead. Create a list or start laying out clothes and items.
  • Roll your clothes—rolling takes up significantly less space than folded clothes. It also helps to avoid creases in your wrinkle-prone pieces.
  • Wear your bulkier and heavier items while traveling. Layer up, and wear your sweatshirts, boots and other hard-to-pack items as they will take up more space in your bag.
  • Pack items that are multi-functional. For example, a large scarf can double as a fashion item as well as something to wrap around you to keep warm.
  • Limit your shoes to three pairs. Shoes take up so much space in your suitcase, so try and bring only the necessities. Typically you’ll only need sneakers, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of casual walking shoes/flats, and not much else.
  • Utilize all available space – tuck chargers, socks, and other small items into your packed shoes as a space saver.
  • Stick a dryer sheet in your bag to keep things smelling fresh. Pack a plastic bag to hold your dirty clothes and bring a small locking snack bag with dry detergent to wash those necessities that you need to wear more than once.
  • Plan to pack outfits that you can mix and match. Packing wardrobe staples means that you can re-wear pieces in different outfits. Solids in a pre-determined color palette are always an easy choice because they can coordinate with many pieces. Don’t forget to pack a stain-remover pen to erase any mishaps along the way.
  • Really think about whether you need those “just in case” items—will your hotel have a blow-dryer? That's most likely the case, so leave yours at home! 
  • If you’re flying, don’t forget that you always a get a personal item! Bring a backpack that can fit all your electronics and other things that need to be easily accessed during the trip.

Packing smart and efficiently can save you a lot of hassle—it just takes a little bit of planning and organization!

Author: Rand Publishing Team
Date:Aug 9th 2019