The Perfect Gift for Every Kind of Road Trip Dad

There's a special breed of hero who emerges every summer: the Road Trip Dad. He wakes everyone up at the crack of dawn to make sure your family are the first car on the road. He can magically fit 13 suitcases, a travel crib and a pool float into the trunk of the car with his Tetris skills. He can navigate bumper-to-bumper traffic while also mediating backseat squabbles while only occasionally resorting to four-letter words. He’s the snack dispenser, the corny joke teller, and the master of turning missed turns into roadside adventures. This Father's Day, give him the gift that keeps him prepared for any adventure - a Rand McNally Road Atlas.

But with so many options, how do you choose the right one? Worry not, intrepid gift-givers! We've got you covered with our humble guide to the best Rand McNally Road Atlas sure to delight every kind of Road Trip Dad:

The Outdoorsy Dad: The Rand McNally Road Atlas & National Park Guide

For the dad who craves fresh air and wide-open spaces, the Rand McNally Road Atlas & National Park Guide is the ultimate copilot. This comprehensive combo features detailed maps of all 63 US national parks, packed with must-see sights, hidden trails, and practical tips. Dads can chart the course to their next epic hike or weekend camping trip, all while fueling their wanderlust with stunning park photography.

The RV Adventurer: The Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas

Does your dad love the #vanlife? Then the Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas will be a handy travel companion. This heavy-duty atlas is specifically designed for RVs and large trucks, featuring spiral binding that lays flat for easy navigation. It also includes low-clearance warnings, truck stop listings, and state-by-state restrictions to ensure smooth sailing on every adventure.

The Classic Road Tripper: The Rand McNally 2025 Large Scale Road Atlas

For the dad who thrives on the classic road trip experience, the Rand McNally 2025 Large Scale Road Atlas is the perfect gift. Forget squinting over tiny maps – this spiral-bound edition boasts maps that are 35% larger than our classic atlas, making route planning a breeze even if he forgot to pack his reading glasses.

Beyond the essentials, the 2025 edition goes the extra mile. Dive into detailed city insets and national park listings. This year, we've even included our editors' picks for year-round mountain retreats, complete with travel advice, accommodation suggestions, family-friendly activities, and hidden culinary gems (think state-by-state guides to must-try local foods worth a detour!). It's everything a classic road tripper needs to create unforgettable memories on the open road.

Skip the impersonal GPS and reconnect with the road. This Father's Day, give Road Trip Dad the ultimate copilot: a Rand McNally Road Atlas. It's more than a map - it's a chance to ditch your screens, plot some adventures, and rediscover the magic of family road trips – planning that route, cranking up the radio and starting up another game of punch buggy. Because when your kids look back on their life, they won't remember their best day of screen time.

Author: Valerie Hughes
Date:Jun 14th 2024